this much i retain.

this much I retain a smugness of tongue pores augmented to particular frictions of phrase resonant taut frenulum linguae: my fine flesh spine rooted bottom-mouth, is finessed in tricks of banana-fruit custom. Unearthed twice, seeds of heritage soil were vacuum-packed and undeclared to ensure ease of naturalisation. Despite the sojourn through the Singlish ‘lah’ ruby... Continue Reading →

Eating from the Machine.

It is a bizarre feeling to step into the future. Or at least in those fleeting moments when you become conscious of your presence in something much more akin to Orwell's or Huxley's vision than to the urban memories of the world from childhood. I have my arms full, they are weighty with the wools... Continue Reading →

Mumbai musing.

Fairy lights on Bombay nights. Darkness lit to hide that which lurks in the inbetweens, beneath the seams, Where black cats ride with heads slung low, Tails cut to stumps by the sharp edges of a town known by a sum of its parts, In a country known to none. I am one. Amid the... Continue Reading →

Absolute planes.

Find me something absolute, Find me something with solid edges and clear planes. Show me, if you can, Something that fits in measure glasses, Or compacts into mortar, and holds whole bricks up to cast shadows against light. Find me this, solid and whole. But find it for me most, Absolute. Immovable. Irrefutable. Untaintably, real.... Continue Reading →

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