In Ponderance of Possession

In June 2010 I completed her Arangetram  – a debut solo performance in the classical South Indian dance form of Bharata Natyam – after years of hard work and 12 months of focussed training at the Chandrabhanu Bharatalaya School of Classica Indian Dance. This piece, published in Ondru – Rising Movement of Arts & Literature, explores the spiritual experience of this performance and delves into the notion of possession as the root of creative expression.

“It is dark backstage and there is a draught. In the corridor behind the curtains, I stand in wait, watching intently as the musicians take their seats. Pale faces peer at me from the wings, smiling in assurance – calm, yet anxious. A hush falls across the room. The singer’s voice pierces the air as the orchestra follows in.”

Read the full piece at




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