‘Fresh Paint’ as published in In Brief Magazine Edition #5 – ‘Paradise’

“Our offices have just been painted. Those of us who started back after New Years were treated to fresh walls and paint fumes swimming out through reception and following us back into the cubicles. Everyone is complaining about the smell, waving their hands by their noses and raising eyebrows in communal acknowledgment of how bothersome the odour is.

I myself am drawn to the passage. Inhaling and exhaling as I walk until I hit the far corner, where the draught and humidity combine to give me a solid dose. The scent of the eggshell walls perspiring in mid-summer heat blurs my thoughts and makes me forget that I am at work…”

Read the full piece at http://www.inbriefmag.com/component/k2/item/89-fresh-paint


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