Aeon Spirits

Barefoot dust on wooden floors,
Salt-lit seance, curtain doors.
Sweaty backs and underpants,
Lopside rolling mattress dance.
Sandy skinned sun-belly babes,
Deep-end toes in endless days.
Manic word and breathless ears,
Cascade dawn of passing fears.
Heart-palm pathways, endless eyes,
Welling tears mourn unfelt cries.
Midnight lights and introspect,
Dreamscape drumming dialects.
Blood-moon clouds and raindrop tongues,
Rattle-whispered secrets sung.
Hazy looms on lids unrest,
Pavement teapots, angel guests.
Clock-time keeper shifting gaze,
Fresh lines weaving, tapestry maze.
Grass-grown dreams on dark ink pages,
Poems strewn from heart-bled sages.
Blue sky blessings, mystic hands,
Sisters wailing womb-held sands.
Stone space circles, golden domes,
Aeon spirits, blood and bone.



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