Rafts in the River – Visits from the Goddess through the hand of Ironbiter.


‘I wait for the good times. I float on the dark water. Shall I drown or return where I came from?  There is nowhere to cross.

Tell me Grandmother,  what do I do now?  How can my heartbeat and breath bear both empty and full sounds and travel through all the hard waves to you?

“Your blankness will cleanse you. Bliss will come out from the fullness of your life and surround you. Follow the moon,  the water, the womb song.

Leave the bright heavens,  the stars and the hot sun. Always by turns I flow and shrink from you. This is part of the changing being that is.

You have stuff in your mind from living. You bury the heavier stuff that has come from your dying.  This makes you two layers. You ask yourself which is the real one.  You begin thinking perhaps you are two ones.

A split mind is torn from itself in the day’s tides. It moves mostly upwards and downwards and cannot go beyond you.  I am neither above you nor beyond you,  beneath you nor behind you.

Stay by me and sit at my feet here. I will teach you to be still and watch change. Your mind contains powers with their centres all moving,  revolving,  each at its odd speed. Only the slowest, from inside,  can see all the fast ones.

Therefore,  to listen,  stop struggling, sit still and do not move.”

Suzanne Ironbiter
Devi Mother of My Mind
PRAJNA, Discourses on Wisdom
Page 47


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