nithya iyer

I am a Melbourne-based writer and performer who often ponders the ways of magic and chaos in the world. ‘Nithya’ is Sanskrit for eternal; infinite; ever-lasting; omnipresent. The fray of which I write is the fray between worlds; between dimensions; between selves; between forms; between ‘time’. My contemplation of these ideas have lead me to explore a range of creative and existential mediums. I am curious about the source and experience of identity, the embodiment of our manifold complexities, freedom, evolution, transcendence; all of it. Sometimes, words, images and sounds well up inside me and spill out when I least expect it, and sometimes they don’t. All of this, all of my Self, I am still learning.

I am a howling woman,
Born of dust and bone beneath a burning sun,

The dirt beneath my feet seeped in marrow,
As I disappear endlessly into the earth,
To rise again and again in the wind.
– n

Photography: The endlessly wonderful Devika Bilimoria.

All work on this website is the exclusive property of Nithya Iyer unless otherwise credited, © Nithya Iyer as covered by the Copyright Act 1968. Any publication of material on this website requires the express written consent of Nithya Iyer.

If you’re interested in arts review you can see my contributions to the wonderful Asian-Australian arts and culture mag, Peril Magazine


Nithya Iyer is a Melbourne-based writer and performer of Indian-descent. Her research involves experimental arts practice with a focus on connecting self-inquiry to the experience of the Other. Her work is also informed by phenomenological ideas as related to her studies in Therapeutic Arts Practice (Melbourne Institute of Experiential and Creative Art Therapy).

Nithya’s has written diverse narratives related to the experience of South-Asian diasporic communities in Melbourne, including an extensive body of performing arts review published with Asian-Australian arts and culture magazine, Peril.

Her performing arts training includes 12 years at the Chandrabhanu Bharatalaya Academy in the art-form of Bharatanatyam, presenting a feature-length solo debut in 2010. She has since performed in three productions with the senior dance troupe of the Jambudvipa Association for Indian Arts.

Nithya has performed in festivals and events across Sydney and Melbourne (Mapping Melbourne, Regrowth Festival, This Is Not Art), including her collaboration with Luna Mrozik Gawler and Devika Bilimoria on H:O:M:E which premiered at Crack Theatre Festival in Newcastle in 2016.

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