In Respect of Suffering


Do not despair for despairing. Suffer wholly, honestly. Give yourself over in sincerity to the purity of deconstruction. We fight the weight and engulfing burden of this entirely human rite of passage, but one who does not permit themselves suffering, deprives themselves the respect of truthfulness. Nobody not suffers. It is a purge of needs unfulfilled; a natural secretion incurred in life’s passage. And in this purge, overwhelmed by apathy, fatigue and muted disdain, we allow a truthfulness to emerge. A state of being unhindered by attempts to shift oneself to better mood or higher perspective; an honest admission of the banal side effect of being human and having woes as we do joys. It is only our minds and fed perceptions that teach us not to be sad, that teach us that suffering is a symptom of lack of health, wealth or intellect. Yet to live is to suffer, in a pure and existential sense. alongside the ephemeral joys of the ‘high’s we know of as love, we have the capacity to find nurturment in honest suffering – not by the destruction of our physical or emotional selves as such, but by giving ourselves permission to feel the ugliness of contraction as much as we revel in the euphoria of expansion.


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