‘Identity’ – panel discussion, Critical Animals, Newcastle 2018

Identity, creativity and representation have a long and chequered relationship. Tied to these concepts are the ideas of inhibition and self reflection. What do these inhibitions look like if you are a young creative from a diverse social and/or cultural background? This panel will unravel the intersections that exist within marginalised communities and the impact they have on creativity and ways of being. Discussing cultural connections, gender ambiguity and sexual fluidity via their chosen medium/s- Evelyn Araluen, Bastian Fox Phelan and Nithya Iyer alongside Kait Fenwick will deconstruct the many temporalities that exist when creating work beyond the margins and the inevitable (and sometimes exhausting) interplay of identity on an individuals’ creative output.

‘Identity’ was featured at the Critical Animals festival 2018, This Is Not Art.


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