Dialogue Stones – interactive process sculptures, 2018


Dialogue Stones are interactive process sculptures created during MIECAT Masters Research in 2018 with the purpose of acting as an access point to emergent dialogues with environments, objects and ideas. Relating to the MIECAT Form of Inquiry procedure of Dialoguing, they facilitate conversations and dialogues between the inquirer and the inquiry at any and all points of research journey.

Drawing on interpretations of Jung’s Active Imagination – that is, the method of assimilating unconscious content through self-expression –  this process works with the hypothesis that self-expression can emerge from any/all chosen points of focus in a given environment.

The MIECAT FOI Procedure of Dialogueing in relationship with this idea works to disaggregate potential biases of “rationalised” analysis and disrupt narratives that the inquirer may have a tendency towards.

The asymmetry of the eyes serve to provide an alternate view of what is being beheld, rather than an anthropocentric mirroring of person-based dialogues. Simultaneously, the ‘eyes’ still remind the inquirer of the ‘live’ world of phenomenological practice, including actualising Openness.

Dialogue Stones were created by Nithya Iyer during her Masters research studies in 2018 and continue to serve as important tools for her research, inquiry and art-making.



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