Performance & interventions: ‘Book of Dream’, Falls Festival, Lorne, 2019

Great Wall of Books is a distinctive contemporary art project that is simultaneously a public sculpture, interactive installation, outdoor performance, exhibition space and a point of creative development for artists and the community. Literally a gigantic book, 5 metres tall and opening out to over 11 metres wide, it is a vessel that generates and stores written, aural and visual stories.

Produced by Well Productions.
Director of the GREAT WALL OF BOOKS PROJECT – Dario Vacirca

The Book of Dream was an edition of the Book that was presented in The Village of Falls Festival 2018. This is a film that came from that three day festival where the book was open to the people of the festival.

Devika Bilimoria

Amias Hanley

Robbie Cole
Nithya Iyer
Dario Vacirca
Renato Vacirca

Vlad Mizikov
Katia Pshenichner
Inna Tsyrlin

John Cage and Morton Feldman In Conversation, Radio Happening I of V recorded at WBAI, New York City, 1966 – 1967

Co-produced by The Village Festival of New Performance,
Well Productions & apublicspacecraft for Falls Festival 2018

Book of Dream 2018

‘Turning a new page in a book is a refreshing sound. Like how an old book smells when we crack it open. We breathe in wisdom, we exhale guidance. We don’t even realise the world we are stepping into. Sometimes, we come back to same stories for a new perspective. The Great Wall of Books was born from this provocation. Dreams evolved towards an epic collaborative installation made of steel, timber and time, books, and deep seeking. It became a space sparking change through subtle engagement with ideas for public encounters. A vessel to inspire critical dreaming and social change. It has been fifteen years to this day. Last year, we came together with the Village Festival of New Art and Performance and Falls Festival to conceive of a new phase in the life of ‘the biggest book ever bound’. Over NYE 2018/19 we facilitated and collated artworks with hundreds of punters – across clay, film, sound, painting, writing & performance. Together these pieces form the basis of the next phase of experimental performance, exhibitions, wildflower gardens, and screenings. At night we screened an evolving film, created from the processes, actions, intrusions, pauses and phases of the material existence in and around the book…’ – Dario Vacirca, Artistic Director

Performance at Book of Dream, 2019

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