Curation: BIRRARUNG – DADADESI at the Sangam Performing Arts Festival of India and Diaspora, Melbourne, November 2019

dadadesi image

Sangam, Performing Arts Festival of South Asia and Diaspora presents “BIRRARUNG DADADESI” featuring 12 acts by 16 artists in a night of performances inspired by the South Asian diaspora in Australia.

Hosted by award-winning writer, comic and performance-maker Vidya Rajan, DADADESI showcases the classical, the experimental and the inspired, including stand-up comedy, vocal and dance performances, music ensembles and literary readings. Co-curated by Nithya Iyer and Vidya Rajan in collaboration with the Sangam festival

Featuring a fantastic lineup: Aarti Jadu, Adalya Nash Hussein, Arjunan Puveendran, Kersherka Sivakumaran, Nanthesh Sivarajah, Bhairavi Raman, Aparna Ananthuni, Maiyurenthan Srikumar, Kirshan Sabeshkumar, Kier Stephens, Tony Hicks, Adrian Sheriff, Pedro Cooray, Pavan Dutta, Sunanda, Sumudu Samarawickrama and Shriraam Theiventhiran


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