Talk: Plurality as Practice – Reenvisioning the role of the researcher in a destabilised world, Hangar & 4Cs, 2020

This online talk explored the changing role of the artist and the researcher in a post-pandemic world, exploring the nexus of knowledge-making, artistic practice and research as a modality. Focussing on the work the year-long collaborative research-based residency – An Indefinite Series of Discontinuous Acts – and exhibition at the Hangar Centre for Artistic Research, this online talk explores how participatory practice, relational aesthetics and a cross-disciplinary exploration of alternate models of knowledge-making might speak to the needs of a rapidly destabilising world.This project is supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust (Australia).

Introduced by Luisa Santos, Artistic Director, 4Cs
Moderated by Cristian Tejo, Independent Curator & Project Supervisor
Researchers: Nithya Iyer, Jad Khairallah & Zohar Iancu


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