Presentation of Research Film: CONVIVIAL CULTURES | XI Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture


In the early days of 2020, the artist and interdisciplinary researcher Nithya Iyer invited PhD researchers Jad Khairallah and Zohar Iancu to forge a collaborative experimental research project. Two weeks after starting their shared work Portugal went into lockdown, but the research process continued. This film explores the year-long creative journey that accompanied this project, which brought academic research into dialogue with artistic investigation and phenomenological practices. Exploring reflexive, critical, academic, and creative research methodologies, the film wishes to promote a brave discussion regarding the possibilities and challenges of creative academic research methodologies within current cultural and political settings. The project stems from a questioning of formal research practices: How can we reimagine research processes to include knowledges that lie outside traditional modalities and institutional framings? How can we share these alternate forms of research processes and outcomes? In November of the same year, only one week before the second lockdown, the three researchers presented an exhibition at the Hangar Centre for Artistic Investigation, Lisbon. Engaging in interdisciplinary and experimental scholarship that blurred the margin between art and academia, Khairallah, Iancu, and Iyer explore the possibilities for alternate models of knowledge-making to be integrated into traditional forms of research-doing.

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