Paper: ‘Ambiguous Territories’ at CONVIVIAL CULTURES | XI Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture

The below slides were presented alongside a research paper for the Convivial Cultures summer school. Please contact me directly if you wish to know more about the content of the paper.

Insights from a year-long experiment in interdisciplinary knowledge-making.

Melbourne Institute of Experiential and Creative Art Therapy, Australia

The Projects

Research Questions

  1. What outcomes are possible when academic theory is placed in a dialectic with multimodal arts practices?
  2. What are the methodological foundations required for academic and artistic collaboration to unfold across intercultural fields of research?
  3. How do spaces of interdisciplinary research reinforce or subvert existing structures of ‘epistemological privilege’?
  4. How can this methodology be used to articulate meaningful and rigorous models of alternative knowledge-making engaging flexible, adaptive, inclusive and holistic conceptions of meaning, value and wisdom?

The Research Territory

Examples of Process

Key Concepts

Confronting the Colonial Unconscious

Anthropophagic Subjectivity as Decolonial Praxis

Forging Ambiguous & Relational Research Territories


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