Apathy & Democracy: Reflections on a Sunday of protesting Manus

The following reflection was written whilst sitting on the tarmac outside Flinders St station, Melbourne, with protestors from the Artists Against Abuse initiative. It was the third protest against the treatment of the refugees in Manus held that day and it was also the smallest, commencing with a performance outside the National Gallery of Victoria... Continue Reading →


Iterative processes of fracture – A consideration.

[Suggested listening while reading this piece: A Winged Victory for the Sullen, start at 39 mins 1 second]   Iterative processes of fracture; is walking, is speaking, is contemplation. Split pre-birth in a chromosome chain, split post-birth from the mother, split post-adolescence from maternal ideologies, split at teenhood from innocence, split at adulthood from false... Continue Reading →

Eating from the Machine.

It is a bizarre feeling to step into the future. Or at least in those fleeting moments when you become conscious of your presence in something much more akin to Orwell's or Huxley's vision than to the urban memories of the world from childhood. I have my arms full, they are weighty with the wools... Continue Reading →

Mumbai musing.

Fairy lights on Bombay nights. Darkness lit to hide that which lurks in the inbetweens, beneath the seams, Where black cats ride with heads slung low, Tails cut to stumps by the sharp edges of a town known by a sum of its parts, In a country known to none. I am one. Amid the... Continue Reading →

Shattered screen scenes

I cracked my iPhone-screen. Shattered it like it never mattered. The sound resounding through my head saying 'I told you so'. But the cover was $20 I didn't care to give. 20-cheap-labour-print-plastic-protection, 20-logo-skinned-chic-pro-insurance for my Facebook swipe access. But I didn't, and I forgot, and it didn't matter for a shatter I was sure was too far away... Continue Reading →

Discourses on the World – 1

How are we to find the voice of a generation that is so helplessly lost? Save your groans and banners for another Facebook event. Our protest is not the swan song of a cause outlived, but the ailing of humans inextricably woven into their discontent and utter dependence on destruction.We are the paraplegics of a... Continue Reading →

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