‘Now, and the Mind Tears’, immersive installation at Agency Agency, Nicholas Building, Melbourne

Now, and The Mind Tears you walk down the street  you've stared too long at nothing something steps your miss you are where? --- An installation exploring the existential quandary of the city-dweller, inquiring into apathy and conscious renunciation as a response to the chaos of contemporary life. This work intersperses writing from the Hindu... Continue Reading →


MOKITA @HillsceneLIVE, Birdsland Reserve

A durational performance, a ritual, and an invitation, MOKITA is mourning in motion. Exploring grief, and the complex emotions arising from, but not limited to, environmental collapse, Mokita is a participatory, immersive and meditative experience where attendees are invited to submit their grieving to the space and to share in the catharsis A Kilivila word... Continue Reading →


"LABOUR” is representing the current state of BLACK | KRSNA. Spiritually, physically and emotionally. The sense of BLACK | KRSNA still being in the universal womb however experiencing a sense of birth. Contractions have already began, and the true identity is beginning to emerge. Experimental performance to launch BLACK KRSNA collection LABOUR - full video here.... Continue Reading →

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