this much i retain.

this much I retain a smugness of tongue pores augmented to particular frictions of phrase resonant taut frenulum linguae: my … More

Absolute planes.

Find me something absolute, Find me something with solid edges and clear planes. Show me, if you can, Something that … More

Bland motel room

My body warbles in the dewy heat. Vision blurred eyes sting from the gentle pressures on my temple. Vacant sloped … More

Rainbow ghost

Will beautiful words to come carve out from this dream, a mattress of solid matter to allay the world, now … More

Willow song

  Willow spoke through burning land, Willow spoke through burning hand, ‘fire, fire. ravage, burn, tire, Whereupon your scars will … More


I wake to sound. The first sound. The sound of all. Sound, which woke the universe from its slumber. Sound, … More

Aeon Spirits

Barefoot dust on wooden floors, Salt-lit seance, curtain doors. Sweaty backs and underpants, Lopside rolling mattress dance. Sandy skinned sun-belly babes, … More