Iterative processes of fracture – A consideration.

[Suggested listening while reading this piece: A Winged Victory for the Sullen, start at 39 mins 1 second]   Iterative processes of fracture; is walking, is speaking, is contemplation. Split pre-birth in a chromosome chain, split post-birth from the mother, split post-adolescence from maternal ideologies, split at teenhood from innocence, split at adulthood from false... Continue Reading →


this much i retain.

this much I retain a smugness of tongue pores augmented to particular frictions of phrase resonant taut frenulum linguae: my fine flesh spine rooted bottom-mouth, is finessed in tricks of banana-fruit custom. Unearthed twice, seeds of heritage soil were vacuum-packed and undeclared to ensure ease of naturalisation. Despite the sojourn through the Singlish ‘lah’ ruby... Continue Reading →

Absolute planes.

Find me something absolute, Find me something with solid edges and clear planes. Show me, if you can, Something that fits in measure glasses, Or compacts into mortar, and holds whole bricks up to cast shadows against light. Find me this, solid and whole. But find it for me most, Absolute. Immovable. Irrefutable. Untaintably, real.... Continue Reading →

Bland motel room

My body warbles in the dewy heat. Vision blurred eyes sting from the gentle pressures on my temple. Vacant sloped painted ceilings, White with wooden beams, like school camps or dorms, or family holidays. Except that I am alone in the company of white lamps, not rich in mood setting, or memory softening. Rhythmic fan... Continue Reading →

Rainbow ghost

Will beautiful words to come carve out from this dream, a mattress of solid matter to allay the world, now tearing ever so gently at my crown. I seek the lap of the Lord beyond there, crystalline clouds of promise, scared by the radiance of the sun I can't see. Alas the plane turns to... Continue Reading →

Willow song

  Willow spoke through burning land, Willow spoke through burning hand, 'fire, fire. ravage, burn, tire, Whereupon your scars will mar' Arid breath in Kulin nation Fallen branch in exaltation Turn the knuckle skin of lore And burn with willow's kin once more.


I wake to sound. The first sound. The sound of all. Sound, which woke the universe from its slumber. Sound, that allowed the universe to realize it could hear; that revealed the internal and external,  reflected in manifest polarities. Before sound there is darkness. The darkness of sleeping man. The deaf, mute, formless. Man, unmanifest,... Continue Reading →

Aeon Spirits

Barefoot dust on wooden floors, Salt-lit seance, curtain doors. Sweaty backs and underpants, Lopside rolling mattress dance. Sandy skinned sun-belly babes, Deep-end toes in endless days. ... Manic word and breathless ears, Cascade dawn of passing fears. Heart-palm pathways, endless eyes, Welling tears mourn unfelt cries. Midnight lights and introspect, Dreamscape drumming dialects. Blood-moon clouds and... Continue Reading →

The Sun

I don’t know how to shine, said the Sun. Perhaps I’ll just fade away. Or explode into a million stars, And drift beyond the Milky Way. I don’t know how to beam, She said. Or smile, or glow, or blaze. Perhaps I’ll lie beyond these clouds, And hover a golden haze. I don’t know how... Continue Reading →

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