Rates Of Exchange – Mapping Melbourne 2016, Treasury Building, developed by Dr Priya Srinivasan and Arun Munoz



Shattered screen scenes

I cracked my iPhone-screen. Shattered it like it never mattered. The sound resounding through my head saying 'I told you so'. But the cover was $20 I didn't care to give. 20-cheap-labour-print-plastic-protection, 20-logo-skinned-chic-pro-insurance for my Facebook swipe access. But I didn't, and I forgot, and it didn't matter for a shatter I was sure was too far away... Continue Reading →


"LABOUR” is representing the current state of BLACK | KRSNA. Spiritually, physically and emotionally. The sense of BLACK | KRSNA still being in the universal womb however experiencing a sense of birth. Contractions have already began, and the true identity is beginning to emerge. Experimental performance to launch BLACK KRSNA collection LABOUR - full video here.... Continue Reading →

Bland motel room

My body warbles in the dewy heat. Vision blurred eyes sting from the gentle pressures on my temple. Vacant sloped painted ceilings, White with wooden beams, like school camps or dorms, or family holidays. Except that I am alone in the company of white lamps, not rich in mood setting, or memory softening. Rhythmic fan... Continue Reading →

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