Body : Wall – as published in Island Island, 2019



“.. a world ordered by walls becomes one inevitably ordered by territories. A perpetual series of inside/outsides, transforming the boundless surfaces of the earth into a delimitable space’[1]. Such solid and immoveable protrusions redraw our lines of engagement, as we adapt and persist in forging new connections, new social and interpersonal relations[2]. Those entrusted with the creation of these architectural protrusions – these actualised narratives – wittingly or unwittingly, govern our compatibility through the stratum of designed proxemics. We intra-act with the felt senses of allowances and disallowances embedded within these intersections, performing our identities in association with subtle understandings of societal status, permission and visibility.

The question for me becomes, what are the properties of this intra-action upon my life and the stories of humanity in which we are engaged? Where does my identity end and the wall begin?”

[1] Elizabeth Grosz, Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth, 2008, p.13

[2] Ibid



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