Mariamman, Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, 2013

A new feature-work by renowned artistic director and choreographer Dr Chandrabhanu and the Jambudvipa Ensemble.

Mariamman, known as ‘the goddess for all people’. A symbol of women’s empowerment and equal rights, Mariamman is an icon of human rights. As the goddess of land and terrain, the story of Mariamman will aim to highlight the importance of environmental consciousness during a time of climate change, and as the goddess of diseases, will emphasise the need for health and well-being and caring for one another. The production also pays homage to four other key goddesses in the Hindu pantheon: Durga, the warrior goddess of protection and justice; Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility, the earth and auspiciousness; Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and the arts; and Kali, the goddess of eternal time and change. This production aims to show that the themes of these goddesses are universal and can be shared by people from all walks of life.

Performed at Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre with the support of the Darebin City Council, the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Multicultural Arts Victoria.



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